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Daily Hardware transform traditional gifts
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  • 日期: 2013-06-15
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Knives, kitchen utensils, mug originally the most traditional household hardware products, now become the hottest gift, not only because of its beauty, but also because of its practical and has been recognized by the market.

End of the year approaching, many household Yongkang hardware companies are using a variety of channels to open up the domestic market, the export situation of poor tide swept away.

Trendy network marketing model booster

In Yongkang Hardware City venue to open the store, but also online e-commerce business, is the latest of many businesses in town Yongkang busy thing, Yongkang Ruby Cup Co., Ltd. General Manager shall Shuangbao tasted the sweetness.

"Handpicked merchants to check the quality of the store, on-line orders." Should be double-Bao said, online marketing has become a respected way many businesses, not affected by the slow credit growth.

Should double Bao said this marketing model is O2O (Online To Offline), business opportunities will line together with the Internet, so that Internet has become the front line transactions.

Yongkang Daily Hardware manufacturers are no longer satisfied with just selling a product, they will be carefully dressed appearance of the product, transformed into a practical gift, the price higher than the sales of the product itself at least one percent. As a gift to the customer's end products, has been online "Taobao" like.

Lost profits rather not lose market

"A lot of kitchen gifts are out of stock." Zhejiang Shunhu Aluminum Co., Ltd. Sales Manager Chen Rongdong QQ signature, recently turned into corporate stock indicator. Because there are too many companies to goods, late reply, he took advantage of the network chat tool to tell you.

"Product quality goes without saying, but the wine is also deeply afraid of the alley." Chenrong Dong said that the company has been manufacturing high-end stainless steel cutlery, the market won a good reputation, many guests are attracted by. But this year's economic situation to see, in order to improve dealers and sales staff enthusiasm, they decisively adjusted sales policy, improve business commission, so that "I would rather not lose market lost profits."

"Yong Kang is the hardware names, not a waste of resources." Chen Rongdong said to Yongkang visit relatives, travel more and more people, Yongkang people out there are always like to bring some with Yongkang unique products gifts for others, and currently has Yongkang landmark significance Hardware not many gifts, which left the company unlimited development opportunities.
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